As a veteran teaching artist that specializes in cartooning, manga and writing classes, I focus on using the comics
art-form to teach writing, drawing, and, most of all, critical thinking. I want the students to see the messages and
history behind their popular culture, and empower them to make healthy choices as well as create their own
messages.  I also offer specialized themes such as 'Green comics', Monster comics (good for october), Shoujo
(girl's comics), Shonen (boy's comics), as well as others. Each class can be tailored for specific age groups as
well as special populations. I own a Metrocard and can travel to any of the 5 boroughs.

Drawing supplies and prizes are provided. All the kids need to bring is their imagination.  

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Here are some photos of past classes taught at various venues (i.e. The Bronx Museum of the Arts, several NY Public Library
branches, Queens Public libraries and Poe Park).

For pricing, availability and any other questions, please contact me here or at
Or call at (347) 427- 7553

MANGA WORKSHOP: Focusing on Japanese and American style comics, the students learn the history and nuts and bolts of this very
popular form of comics, and make connections to their own experiences and cultures as they create their own characters for their own
comics. They pick a genre, a target audience and a theme, and first create CHIBIs (child like characters with large heads and little
bodies)... then move on to designing themselves as a Manga star! This is usually followed by a short Quiz contest where they answer
manga related questions for prizes. This program works for one shots, continuing programs, and all age groups (from the wee to the teen).

URBAN MANGA: Cartooning classes focusing issues and themes relating to local culture and target populations.  Similar to the Manga
workshop where the students create their own characters and stories, but with more focus on local issues and current events. (i.e. we
create mythological creatures based on Queens culture). Good for a one shot or a series of classes.

MAKING COMICS 101: A rundown on today's comics industry and what you need to get a comic book made. Basic character design,
themes, targeting audiences, genres, scripting , writing, drawing, inking and printing will be touched upon as the students create their own
premise and story 'bible' (a document full of ideas, the story pitch, and character model sheets used to promote their idea). Best taught as
a series of classes with an end product in mind.

GREEN COMICS: Similar to the Manga workshop, the students learn the basics of character design and 'world building' (creating
environments and universes for their characters)... but after they get a rundown on green issues, what pollutes our world, and the little
steps we can all do to help.  All heroes created would be customized to fight monsters and villainous polluters.

SHONEN/SHOUJO: Comics for boys and comics for girls... what's the difference between them, and how to create them for one target
audience and still be friendly towards another. We focus on basic stories, character designs and even do a basic business plan for
marketing and media.    

HORROR MONSTER COMICS WORKSHOP: What are monsters, and why do we need them?  The students are asked to create their
own monsters after learning where the legends come from and the many uses ( crime prevention, warnings, morality plays) of a good
spooky monster story.

REAL WORLD COMICS:  a multicultural comics class that focuses on creating characters of color and other diversity, as well on
focusing on issues and stories that are more true-to-life.

JUNIOR COMICS MASTERS: we focus on the business and start ups of comics related media in our digital age.  

WRITING HORROR: Focusing on storytelling and the basic mechanics of writing for comics, storyboards, and YA novels using the
popular MONSTER genre.   

FAIRY TALES: Creating new stories that teach, warn and delight young kids. This class is great for pre-K, middle school and teens. They
learn about the old stories, archetypes, the uses of certain stories and how to use the basic tools of storytelling to create new fairy tales
for a new age. ;) Includes drawing and writing and even a little bit of book making. ;)

ROBOT 101: From ancient automatons to present day nano-bots to futurific droids, we learn about the long history of robots in fairy
tales, Science fiction stories, manga, comics, toys and big budget movies. After some history and understanding (and basic drawing
lessons) they will learn to design their own droid.  

For more progressive classes on topics that touch on social issues, multi-culturalism, gender, sexuality and/or
HIV/AIDS issues for teens and young adults, I offer these classes**:

--TALES OF THE CLOSET: using my comic book series as a framework to discuss and educate on Glbt youth issues, AIDS, diversity,
anti-bullying, etc...

TEACHING COMICS; Creating educational materials re: hiv, std and other health issues for the urban multicultural youth (teaching
them to design pamphlets, posters and mini comics with a message)

A BETTER WORLD; using the manga artform to create stories and characters of diversity,
empowerment, and tolerance.

SHONEN-AI COMICS: (usually scheduled during June and GLBT Pride month) this is for teens who are interested in the popular
manga genre (marketed towards girls) that feature boys who fall in love and/or have deep friendships.  We focus on tolerance, basic
human sexuality and how to write about and draw cute, teen characters in a school setting.

REAL DEAL COMICS (or Human Sexuality 101); or  a basic course of the different types of gender and sexual orientation. We create
art and characters of different genders and orientations to inspire empathy and practical knowledge.

**Please be aware that these classes will include basic cartooning skills, and frank discussions that will be folded into the art and final

If there is a topic that you want to build a class around, just give me a heads up.