With some help from the Bronx Council On The Arts’ 2020 New Works Grant, I
am putting together an omnibus of comics stories, prose, poetry and
photography called MONSTERS OF THE BRONX.

The grant is a small one, but it will pay for the initial print-run and a small
honorarium for each accepted work. Each creator-contributor will, of course,
keep their own rights to their work. They will also receive a tee shirt, if that

Depending on the COVID situation in October, there will be a public gallery
show of the work where the contributors will also be able to publicize and sell
their own works.

The title and theme
MONSTERS OF THE BRONX is the sole property of
Ivan Velez Jr
and Planet Bronx Productions, but you all knew that. I’ve
publicly popped this theme since 2015, when it became part of my WHAM
KABAM story bible, and the initial concept was something I worked on since
high school. And, yes, I filed copyright.

As a curated book, only work that is of a certain quality, skill level, and
compelling will be accepted.  To void any discomfort and awkward personal
connections with submitting creators, all work will be judged by a team of three.
Just know that we tend to accept works that are meaningful, emotionally
engaging, and socially relevant.


We believe that, just as the Bronx has a deep, colorful history of colonization,
civil rights struggle, immigration and cultural diversity from every country and
society of the world…
…the same goes for our monsters.  They come from every mythology, legend,
and folk tale, and live among the other immigrants They are beautiful,
horrifying, unbelievable, and, just like every other immigrant, struggle to adapt
and survive in our often troubled and conflicted society. Their issues are our
issues. They are of all orientations, sexualities, education levels and social

Our monsters are beautiful, fabulous, and multicultural in that Boogie Down


Send us e-mail to and announc your interest.

Please be over 18 years of age.  The themes in the book are for mature
readers. If you are under 18 and your work is deemed of a special quality, to be
accepted, we will need the permission of your guardian.
Any creator of any nationality, ethnicity, race, ability, orientation or gender is
encouraged to apply. All are welcome.

WRITERS: We accept short works or essays that touch upon the theme. Two
to six pages regular-spaced, please. Tell us if it has been printed before. We
can accept work that has been printed once elsewhere.

POETS: We accept one-page poems that somehow fit our theme. Please tell
us if it has been printed before. We can accept work that has been printed once

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Unfortunately, we can only accept black and white work
at this time. If it has been printed before, please tell us beforehand. We can
accept imagery that has been printed elsewhere if we feature your entire body
of work. While we do have to conform to community guidelines, we are still
aiming for a mature market and our own personal tastes. First submit small lo-
rez files of your work. If accepted, we will ask for hi-rez images.

COMICS STORIES: Solo Cartoonists or collaborating writers and artists must
submit a sample, bio, and a short synopsis of the proposed work with sketches
or thumbnails. Final work can be 2 to 10 pages long. We are going for an 8
inch X 10 inch format. Your work should be in proportion.

ILLUSTRATION: Remember that all work will be printed in black and white and
fit an 8 inch X 10 inch page.  If it has been printed before, please tell us
beforehand. If we feature your work, please provide images that fit out theme.
First submit small lo-rez files of your work. If accepted , we will ask for hi-rez


Links to your websites, blogs and personal social media will be very helpful.
DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ART. We are only accepting digital files. If you
need help scanning, please take digital pics and send them off. We might be
able to help you scan larger tabloid sized files later on.

If you are a novice, curious, in mid-career, a journeyman or master of your
craft… heck, even if you’re a superstar and just want to play with our themes,
we welcome your submissions.


If your work is deemed as not quite publication ready, or if you feel its not at that
place yet, you may ask us to workshop you. Also, if we see amazing potential
and want to help develop a work, we might ask to workshop you.

We acknowledge that being in a workshop takes a lot of trust and willingness to
be vulnerable. Many times, we do our work alone and in isolation. While
many of us are enthusiasts of mainstream comics or manga, sometimes that
could result in slavish imitation of popular public works.

Sometimes we may end up in a rut and don't know how to move our work
forward to the next level.

We are asking each creator to come up with their own vision and style and
break away from what we’re used to seeing and consuming out there. Show us
why your comics or stories or other creative work can only be done by you and
you alone. Bring your personal values and visions to shape your art with hard
work and daring innovation. Sure, use what you have loved for so many years
as a jump off point to go beyond to your truly personal style.
We are willing to work with your current skillsets and nudge you along to a
higher level. Finishing that first story or idea is hard.  But, if you give us
permission and your commitment, we can try to help nurture your ideas, skill-
sets and abilities.

So, as you submit work to us, we will get back to you as soon as possible an
either ask for you to submit a finished piece or offer to workshop with you.  

Everything is free of charge, by the way.
All inquiries and submissions must go to