THE BALLAD OF WHAM KABAM! is a series of five interconnected comic books that tell the story of America’s
multicultural history—from the subjugation of the indigenous to slavery, from the Civil Rights movement to today’s pop
culture—using the tropes and style of the classic superhero genre. In our official comic book past, all the heroes were
white Americans. Even as times changed and more diversity was included, the characters that were created were often
stereotyped or weaker than the main characters. Each book will explore history not as it was recorded in “official”
American pop culture, but through the experiences of America’s diverse and often oppressed families.
WHAM KABAM! creates a new multicultural mythology that aims to
contradict and subvert the history of American comic books.
In this page, you will see the development of the new comic book series titled "THE BALLAD OF WHAM KABAM". I
am very fortunate and proud to have received a 2015 CREATIVE CAPITAL AWARD to enable me to produce this
series and release it to the public. Wish me luck, folks. Any comments, critiques and encouragement can be
posted to my e-mail: