Welcome to OSO ORO.  We identify as a collective of global bears of all nationalities and races, and we
believe in community, friendship and progressive change through art, music, community and celebration.
So, you see… we are OSO ORO… and so are you.

Here are some answers to some questions you may have about our events.  

So…what is OSO ORO event? Is it a bear party?  
Yes.  It is a party.  Well, it’s more of a celebration of Bear Art , beauty and its wonderful diversity... not just
for cruising or drinking like most of the other parties and clubs available to the bear community (although that
will be plentifully available). We have a mix of live performances, raffles, live drawing, contests, mixed media,
great music,pop-up gallery shows and art bazaars. Sometimes it's just live drawing with great music and
cheap drinks. Sometimes its everything happening all at once. We aggressively recruit members from diverse
parts of our community... 'cause a bear is more than hair. We exist in every nationality, flavor and age..

Is it a performance?
Well, yes, in a way.  We want to express our appreciation of the bear culture through the Arts, but do it in a
way that’s accessible and entertaining not only for the artist but for the casual viewer as well.  

What’s with all the drawing and posing?
It’s an experiment… a way of expressing and creating art, sexuality and emotion in a party setting.  We
experiment with formats (contests, free posing, music, prizes) and always strive to make it more dynamic,
more expressive, and yes, more fun for everyone involved. Past events have included Fundoshi contests,
silent auctions for charity, and even wrestling battles. Come and see what kind of mischief we can create.

But I can’t draw. Is it only about drawing?
No, it’s about having a good time in a different way… celebrating what’s fun about bear culture, seeing some
new things, eating, seeing performances, drinking, talking…  even checking out toys, comics, and tees. In
many ways, it is similar to the regular bear and pride events around town, but different in our own special
way.  There’ll be so much going on that everyone will find something they like.

I am an artist. Will I feel comfortable in this sort of atmosphere?
Yes, you will. This is a festive time to be an artist, full of good cheer, other talented compatriots, music, video,
prizes, drinks, and the best bear models of any drawing event. The sense of community is amazing, and
endearing... and all art supplies are provided free of charge.  We are pioneers of the special drink-and-draw
format and we are proud that we provide such events without charging big fees.  People always remember
OSO ORO with a smile.

Will there be new OSO ORO events?
Yes, this is already our tenth year. We started with the comics based Sticky Pages events at the NY GLBT
COMMUNITY CENTER, which morphed into three more bear-art themed events. Since then, we have had
OSO ORO events at bars, centers and art spaces all over the world. So far, OSO ORO has been in New
York (Manhattan and the Bronx), San Diego, Taipei, Beijing and three times in Tokyo. This year we hope to
have one in San Francisco and Shanghai as well as return for a Tokyo Finale.  We will try new things each
time… and as our membership grows, so will our ideas.

What exactly is OSO ORO?
Oso Oro is a community… a brand name… a way of bringing together bears (and those who love them) from
all over the world through culture and art and fun.  It’s a way of making sure diversity in our cultures is
recognized and celebrated in a big way.  We create events, have a web presence, link to other great
bear orgs, artists, happenings, and bears of all cultures and nationalities.  We create merchandise like
tees, books, etc… just to celebrate who we all are.

Is it only for bears?
We’re playing with the whole idea of identity, and all the diversity found inside.  We love bears, muscle-bears,
cubs, panthers, tigers, wolves, silver foxes, puppy dogs, etc… We are even trying to see if we can link up and
share with the Lesbian equivalent of bears. We are proud to have created other events in the Oso Oro style,
which includes MR. PAPO DRINK-N-DRAWS in the Bronx and Puerto Rico, and are always sure to preserve
our signature style of community, freedom of expression and diversity.

How much does it cost?
Depending on the venue, or whether or not we have a grant to cover it, its usually free. Some venues (like
bars) will charge a nominal fee if any at all. If we are in Japan, then we have a one-fee-for-all-night-free-
drinks deal.  We always urge the venues to have drink specials to add to the festivities. OSO ORO never
makes a profit, and we just do this as a way to build our community and link the love for bears, art, and geek
culture all over the world.

Can my venue host an OSO ORO?  What's in it for us?
Well, we have never had an event that ended badly for the venue. In fact, since we are usually scheduled
outside of peak days, the venues are happy to sell a lot of drinks and good cheer. The hosts have as much
fun as the attendees and always enjoy a good smile. You can ask the managers at San Diego's PECS Bar,
the NYC Eagle Bar, BEAR JUNKIES in Taipei or KuraNora Bar in Tokyo. Our events are unique, and bring
interesting crowds. If you're interested on being an OSO ORO host or venue, please contact us

Can I join OSO ORO?
Yes, many times, yes.  If you want to volunteer, just contact us here (osooro2014@gmail.com). We’ll take
your name and meet and see if we can build a relationship that will be fun and rewarding.   If you’d like to be a
member of Oso Oro, then you already are.  There is no fee to be a member.  Soon, we’ll even have a card for
you to show off to your friends.  Also, we are working on putting up a member’s galleries and links on our site
so that Oso Oro members can meet from all over the world.   

Can I donate to the cause?
Well, we’d love sponsors for events, and you can follow the link on our website to find out how to contribute.
Even now, the best way to support us is to go to our events, buy some of our merchandise and just have a
good time.  And mention us to your friends.   The more, the merrier.  

Can I be a model?
Sure!  This is what usually happens: We start off with an arranged model, and as the night progresses,
members of the audience (and even some of the artists) pose as well. It's always a safe and fun space for
everyone concerned.   All you have to do is be part of the event. We have been blessed to have so many
pose for our great artists.  Typically we need all types to pose; muscle-bears, bears, tigers, pugs and cubs.
Often, we have some very talented and celebrated artists partake in the affair.  So come and have a lot of
fun, drink a few beers, hang with the hot bears, and be immortalized! MODELS can contact us